Facial Arts - a visible leap forward in the art of esthetic wrinkle correction and volume augmentation.

Naturelize products are designed for the treatment of a wide range of medical indications (e.g. atrophic scars, acne conglobata or Lipodystrophy). It is also recommended for treatment in plastic surgery to underline or restore the patient's natural esthetic. The range of naturelize products is available covering the full spectrum of treatments, from mesotherapy, to filling fine lines, to facial contouring.

The range of products differs in:

  • Soft Fillers incl. Lidocaine: Inline soft pro & Maxface soft pro (cohesive fillers containing 0.3% of Lidocaine with final volume immediately after injection for a maximum patient satisfaction)

  • Soft Fillers: Inline soft & Maxface soft (cohesive fillers with final volume immediately after injection)

  • Volumizing & Liquid Lifting: Restore

  • Rejuvenation & Mesotherapy: Pearl