Naturelize body intense
Naturelize body intense

Body Intense

To guarantee outstanding implantation comfort and to reduce adverse reactions down to an absolute minimum the new Body Intense was designed by the same successful technology basing on the cohesive characteristics like our Soft Dermal Filler.

Excellent biomechanical properties avoid the effect of sedimentation of cross-linked particles in the treatment zone.

The crosslinked and fully hydrated particles ensure a slow degradation while spending excellent lifting capacity driven by the cohesive consistency of the gel.

Body Arts / Body Intense


  • Gluteoplasty
  • Significant volumizing and contouring of body surfaces


  • Content: 20 mg Sodium-Hyaluronate
  • Needle size: 16-18G
  • Depth of injection: Subcutaneously / supraperiostal

For significant volumizing treatment of body surfaces and also for an efficient gluteoplasty Body Intense will show best results immediately after injection. Packaging contains 2 x 10 ml.