Naturelize flex barrier

flex barrier

Much more than just another membrane!

Flex barrier is the safe, synthetic, and user-friendly alternative to resorbable membranes. Flex barrier Gel is comprised of two-thirds cross-linked and one third non cross-linked hyaluronic acid. After manufacture, the hyaluronic acid is particulated (150-200 μm) and then treated with non cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Defined particle sizes ensure excellent profile conformity. After applying the barrier gel uniformly and a relatively short 6-12 hour period required for the non cross-linked hyaluronic acid to be absorbed, a homogeneous layer of cross-linked particles remains on the defect. Since the particles vary in size, they compress and form a flexible membrane on the area to be shielded. The barrier function remains active for 3 weeks. The material is completely resorbed in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Hyaluronic acid‘s beneficial effects:

  • bacteriostatic
  • antiseptic
  • promotes wound healing


(150 – 200 μm particle size at 40x magnification, toluidine stain)

Packaging contains 1 x 1 ml.

Dental Arts / flex barrier

Usage in general oral surgery and implantology:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties that support and accelerate wound healing
  • Prevention and enhanced safety after surgical intervention by way of an antiseptic and bacteriostatic effect in the wound area

Usage in oral/dental implantology:

  • Barrier effect shields against osseous defects, in particular after augmentation with bone substitute materials
  • Reduced scarring in the aesthetically demanding area after implantation

Application in general oral surgery and implantology:

  • flex barrier comes in a sterile, pre-filled "ready to use" syringe