Indications Overview

Intraoral indications – Dental Arts

Dental Arts preparations for intraoral application represent an innovative new type of product for supporting and accelerating wound healing.

As well as meeting a diverse range of requirements, our products offer simplicity of application and high efficacy.

In particular, our novel approaches to restoring an appealing intraoral soft tissue esthetic are proving extremely promising.

flex barrier - the biological membrane
Maintaining natural soft tissue esthetics
flex barrier - use in esthetic soft tissue reconstruction
In performing sinus elevation, the benefits of tissue support and flex barrier can be used and combined to their full...
Supporting post-operative wound healing

Extraoral indications – Facial Arts

A broad portfolio of Facial Arts products is available to our users for treating a wide range of indications in the facial region.

Each indication imposes specific requirements on the treatment technique and products used. Our developments are aimed at meeting these requirements.

naturelize restore is particularly suitable for adding facial volume and contour.
The outstanding plasticity of naturelize maxface makes it ideally suited to chin augmentation.
naturelize inline soft is recommended for injecting periorbital wrinkles.
naturelize inline is recommended for injection of mild to moderate forehead wrinkles.
naturelize inline soft is recommended for targeted correction of glabellar lines.
naturelize inline for lip volume and contouring.
naturelize inline soft and maxface soft are used to treat marionette lines without risk of restricting facial...
naturelize maxface, inline soft and maxface soft have been designed for applications including treatment of the...
naturelize inline, maxface and maxface soft are depending in the depth of the wrinkles suited for treatment of perioral...
Treatment of the philtrum is generally carried out when accentuating or contouring the lips.