What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin, where it regulates factors including skin moisture levels. As we get older, hyaluronic acid levels in the skin start to reduce. Lines and wrinkles are typical signs of visible aging, which in most cases can be counteracted by the use of hyaluronic acid injections.

Where are Naturelize products manufactured?

Naturelize is proud to be ‘made in Germany’. All Naturelize products are produced in Germany in accordance with strict guidelines for medical products and are subject to continuous testing by the responsible notified body.

What does the Naturelize brand stand for?

Naturelize stands for an exclusive and innovative portfolio of hyaluronic acid products.  

Its hyaluronic acid products for intraoral use in particular are unique. Naturelize is the market leader in hyaluronic acid products for cosmetic dentistry and has many years of experience in this area. The hyaluronic acid used is of non-animal origin and is completely reabsorbed by the human body.

Today, the portfolio also includes dermal fillers for cosmetic dentistry. In this area too, Naturelize therefore offers a range of products both for facial reconstruction and for underscoring natural esthetics.

Do Naturelize products contain latex?

All Naturelize products are latex-free. This applies to both the products and the packaging.

Can opened, half-used syringes be stored at the correct temperature and reused with a sterile needle?

Naturelize products are intended as single-use products for single use and labeled as such in the enclosed usage information and on the packaging. A syringe which has been opened and used must be properly disposed of immediately after use. It must not be reused.

Can all skin types and skin colors be treated with Naturelize fillers?

All healthy skin types can be treated with Naturelize fillers.

Can Naturelize fillers be used after exfoliant or laser treatments?

Naturelize fillers can be used after exfoliant or laser treatments. We do, however, recommend always waiting about 3 weeks until the appearance of the skin has returned to normal.

Can Naturelize fillers be combined with other medical treatments?

Before treatment, it is essential that all medications and substances which are currently being taken or have been taken within the last few weeks are listed and shown to the person performing the treatment. Some ingredients can trigger side effects or exacerbate any side effects which may occur.

Can Naturelize dermal fillers be combined with other implants?

Combining Naturelize dermal fillers with other implants or implant ingredients is not recommended. Such combinations should be avoided in particular in the event of known intolerances or where the risk assessment is unclear.

What are the potential side effects?

In accordance with the academic literature and the opinion of the responsible public health authority, it should be noted that CE-marked hyaluronic acid products (which includes Naturelize products) can have potential side effects.

Precise information on side effects and contraindications can be found in the usage information in the product pack or obtained from the treating physician.

Are treatment results visible immediately after the injection?

The desired treatment results are visible immediately after injection. Slight reddening or swelling can occur at the injection site. This will start to diminish after a few hours and usually subsides completely within 24 hours.

How quickly after treatment can I resume my normal activities?

We recommend refraining from undertaking sporting activities, drinking alcohol and air travel for 72 hours after treatment. Patients should avoid visiting the sauna or solarium and avoid exposure to strong heat or cold and direct sunlight for two weeks after the injection.

Is injection with dermal filler painful?

The thixotropic properties of Naturelize hyaluronic acid fillers mean that they are injected with very fine needles. Prior to treatment, the area being treated will be anesthetized by the physician using an anesthetic cream or other anesthetic.

How is hyaluronic acid gel broken down?

Naturelize hyaluronic acid gel is broken down completely by the body. It is metabolized in the dermis slowly and gradually by certain enzymes (e.g. hyaluronidases) which are also responsible for metabolizing the body’s intrinsic hyaluronic acid.

How often should injection with hyaluronic acid preparations be repeated?

Given that hyaluronic acid is broken down by the human body in a natural process, there are a number of factors which determine the effect and the duration of the effect.

- the patient’s skin type

- wrinkle location/depth

- the product used

- the volume injected

Our experience is that the effect lasts for between 10 and 15 months.

How is treatment with hyaluronic acid carried out and how long does it take?

How long the treatment takes depends on the indications for treatment and the product selected. On average treatment takes about 20 minutes including massage to homogenize the injected material.

The hyaluronic acid gel is applied using a syringe and a cannula. Injection depth is shallow, at just a few millimeters.